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Who We Are

Live Edge Epoxy River Table Owners.jpg

O: 240-466-1303

Follow Us: @IVRiverTables

Our Story

2 Local Navy Veterans


Everyone keeps asking how we got to where we are. The best advice given when writing this was to just be honest and tell it how it is so here it goes...

Who are we? We're just 2 local Navy Veterans who started making some really cool stuff..... (oh wait, can we say that?). It's 2021 and we're Veterans so... we we're making some really cool shit out of our garage while learning this new Live Edge Epoxy River Table trend. Thanks to a close friend in CO. 

We found that people were wanting unique, custom conversational pieces and we didn't want to turn anything away just to gain the experience. We soon grew out of our garage and landed a perfect commercial spot in Callaway, Maryland where we could expand our production for our customer base. 

Now that we've invested in a 5x10 CNC machine, who knows what's next.  

Follow us to see all of our really cool shit!   @IVRiverTables

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